Trees & Shrubs

Reseda Nursery carries a wide variety of trees and shrubs. Trees and shrubs add beauty to your yard and are easy to care for. The shape, size and color of the tree or shrub at maturity will determine what to select. It is a good idea to plan ahead and determine where you want to plant them so you can select the best one for a specific location.



The staff at Reseda can help you choose the perfect tree or shrub for your yard. We can also give you advice on your selection and tips on how to care for them.

For any questions regarding size, availability and price of shrubs and trees, call Reseda Nursery @ 256-232-4887 or come see us at the nursery to see our selection of trees and shrubs.

  • SPECIALITY SHRUBS – Topiary forms of junipers, spruces, boxwoods, cedars & others including spiral & pom-pom, poodle & pyramids cuts
  • HOLLIES – Dwarf Burford Holly, Yaupons, , Needlepoint Holly, soft touch holly, steeds coneshaped, carissa
  • UPRIGHT HOLLIES – Mary Nell Holly, Emily Brunner Holly, Foster Holly, Nellie R Stevens, Oakland Holly
  • SHRUBS -boxwoods, junipers, ligustrum, cleyera japonica, wax myrtle, eleagnus, yews, emerald green arbovitae, otto luyken laurel
  • FLOWERING TREES – Cleveland Pear, Eastern Redbud, , Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry, Pink Weeping Cherry, Yoshino Cherry, Cherokee Princess Dogwood
  • FRUIT TREES – Red Delicious Apple, Yellow Delicious Apple, Bing Cherry, Kieffer Pear,Santa Rosa Plum
  • FLOWERING SHRUBS – abelia,camelia, crepe myrtle,dwarf crepe myrtle, spirea,forsythia, star magnolia, encore azalea, indian hawthorne, loropetalum, pieris japonica, dwarf gumpo azalea, Lady Banks Rose, lilac
  • SHADE & ORNAMENTAL TREES – Japanese Maple, Red Sunset Maple, October Glory Maple,Ginkgo Trees,Willow Oak, Pin Oak, River Birch, Southern Magnolia, Little Gem Magnolia, Tulip Poplar, Nuttall Oak, Weeping Willow
  • ORNAMENTAL GRASSES – pampas, miscanthus, blue fescue, muhly
  • GROUNDCOVERS – liriope, mondo grass, monkey grass, ivy, ajuga, juniper, jasmine, vinca vine