Bulk Landscape Material

We carry a variety of bulk landscape materials that can be loaded into your vehicle or we deliver for a nominal charge. (Minimum quantities apply for delivery)


Mulches help keep the soil surface from crusting and aid in preventing growth of weeds; organic mulches can add humus to the soil. Mulch gives an orderly look to the garden and cuts down on weeding. Mulches are very useful for maintaining uniform moisture conditions in the garden.

  • Shredded Pine Bark
  • Brown Hardwood
  • Red Hardwood
  • Black Hardwood
  • Soil Conditioner
  • Pine Straw

Decorative Landscape Gravel

  • River Gravel
  • Pea Gravel
  • Oversized Egg Rock
  • Alabama Red Rock

Other Materials

  • Paver Base
  • Crusher run
  • #57 gravel
  • Sand
    Sand can be mixed with mulch or soil conditioner to improve drainage. It is also used as an underlining for pond liners & stone pathways.